Frank Zappa – A Late Show Special

My first album with Frank Zappa (Mothers) I bought in 1967, ”Absolutely Free”. My world changed forever. For the better. I’ve seen Frank Zappa live 4 times in Sweden. Of course I have all the official releases + movies, books (The Real Frank Zappa) and, not the least, good memories and feelings.


8 thoughts on “Frank Zappa – A Late Show Special

    • Svårt att hitta en så mångsidig och kompetent låtskrivare idag. Han började som percussionist och trummis. Hans låtskrivande kände inga gränser när det gällde olika musikstilar. Han behärskade allt och lite till.

  1. I was a big fan of Zappa, too, and had a lot of lps from him and a book with the text from his songs. I loved his songs because they were a bit ambiguous and funny. Too sad he died so early.

      • Well, I think he would have composed something very modern like his last works, which I didn’t like that much like his early lps. I heard them all the time and still do sometimes now, still enjoying the words which make me laugh. He was a good looking guy in my opinion, intelligent and funny. Wish I had met him.


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