Random #30




16 thoughts on “Random #30

  1. The second one is superb, I already tried to take black birds in pictures and the results was hum hum bad 😉
    Have a nice week end
    Hugs and take care my dear 🙂

    • Good morning Sophie.
      You have to have great patience when shooting birds. I probably had some luck when I took the picture on the Blackbird. 🙂
      Have a nice Saturday.
      Take care.

      • Good morning Tomy,
        It is not patience my problem because with bugs I have to have a lot too. It is the color, I tried on crow and starling (there is some just in front my flat, a family make his nest into the street lamp) and they are fast and black 😉
        but I am persevering so I try and I will try again and again.;-)
        Hugs 🙂

      • I love your pictures of insects. 🙂
        Good luck trying to capture pictures of birds. Do not give up. There will come a day when you take great bird photos.

    • Lite så. 🙂
      Jag kan ju inte slänga alla bilder jag tar. När jag är ute tar jag i snitt 300-400 bilder/gång. Jag kör med automateld på kameran. 🙂 Så länga jag håller avtryckaren nere tar den bilder. Så det blir en jäkla massa dubbletter.
      Kram, Darkie


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